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Auction Limited
(For Dollism Plus 7)
Jun Girl Soft White
Auction Limited
(For Dollism Plus 7)
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 Manufacturer CROBIDOLL
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Head : Jun

Body : M-Line Girl Temptation Body ( Integrated Type) Heel Foot & Flat Foot 

Skin : Soft White

Outfit & Accessaries composition : corset top, skirt, petticoat, arm wormers, slip, panties, tire, earing (2ea)

Auction bid : USD850 ( HKD6600 )

Make up : Nornen

Including items: Jun  Head,  Crobidoll M-Line Girl Body  (Temptation Body),  Heel Foot parts,  a box for Jun with blankets,

                         glass eyes , clothes, wig, a pair of shoes, special makeup service

Body Size :

Temptation Body (Integrated type)

Tall(Including head): flat foot 59 cm / heel foot 61 cm
Width of shoulders: 12 cm
Circumference of chest: 27 cm
Circumference of neck: 8.5 cm
Length of arm(from shoulder to wrist): 18 cm
Length of leg(from hips to ankle): 30 cm
Length of thigh(from hips to knee): 26.5 cm
Circumference of waist: 19 cm
Circumference of hips: 26.5 cm
Length of foot: 6.5 cm

* Sold out

* There is only one doll world-widely :)

* We hope your lots of attentions and participations, please :)

* And we hope the courage of the people there, please ~!!

* It is Dollism Plus 7 Auction Limited doll for sale in HongKong

* It will be sold as auction on event day  (Saturday, 2012.07.07)

* The bidding price is HKD6600  (about $850)

* It includes all of clothes, shoes, wigs and special makeup

* The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product. 


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- Delivery period: 1~5 days after the payment confirmation (exclude weekends and holidays)
* If it's a doll, it takes 60 to 90 days from ordering to shipping. If you add a makeup option, it will take an additional 2~3 weeks more.
  (Exclude weekends and holidays)
- Delivery area: The area available with EMS or EMS premium.
- Shipping fee: EMS Shipping fee according to Korea Post Office.
- Delivery inquiry: Please check the My page menu on the site or the tracking number from the delivered email.
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